Understandable way of presenting comprehensive information

Budget visualisation platform (BVP) is a comprehensive tool focused on presentation of public finance dataset in a modern, user-friendly and interactive manner. And what is most important: it shows data in a very understandable way, having positive impact on raising awareness and transparency in public finance management area.

Why visualisation
is so important

Ninety percent of all information that comes to the brain is visual. Graphical content reaches an individual’s brain in a faster and more understandable way than textual information. Some sources even suggest that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. Additionally, graphically we can communicate complicated facts in more simple and more understandable way.

Scope of the


BVP is able to on-line visualise current data of approved and adjusted budgets,

as well as history and current status of public spending. Numbers are shown at

the level of budget units (organizations), key spending units (line ministries) and government level. All state organizations as well as municipalities (self-governing regions, cities and villages) are included. The range and depth of published data

is a matter of configuration, according to clients’ needs and requirements.


BVP can operate with defined number of budget classifications. It shows hierarchic relations (in terms of organizational level and amount of budget funds) with complex but easy-to-use full-text search engine. Based on client requirements,

the solution can present detailed data on budget measures (adjustments), including background documents. All presented data can be downloadable in two formats (CSV and PDF), interconnectivity and transparency is ensured by making data accessible via open API.

Public budget data understandable to everyone

Budget visualisation platform (BVP) provides graphical (interactive graphs and animation videos), numerical and textual information on public budgets, public spending and on main tasks and goals of public sector.

Main features
of the solution

Web-based platform utilizing on-line data

Focus on user comfort when searching and working with data

Availability of various visualization tools (interactive graphs, spreadsheets, sankey diagrams)

Open Data principles applied

User-friendly and intuitive environment and swift responses of the system.

We focus on public budgets visualisations, but we can visualize any datasets related to public finance management. BVP is based on standard technologies and software components and it is easily translatable into any language.

Main benefits

of the solution

All data can be comfortably presented in well-arranged spreadsheets, fancy-looking interactive graphs, or dynamic and modern sankey diagrams.

The user can search in current as well historical data, build time series and compare various datasets according to selected criteria.

Anyone can download all presented data in various formats, in compliance with Open Data principles. We also provide open API for third party applications.

Essential part of B-VIS comprises of methodological and educational content, including multimedia (interactive elements, animation videos etc.)