The once-only principle in practice

The idea behind the Register of Financial Statements is to help improve the business environment through simplifying how business is done, reducing administrative demands and eliminating multiple requests for the same information, documents and data for business.

The Register of Financial Statements (“the Register”) has been created as a central storage point for financial statements and related documents.


The system provides a broad palette of services, including: import of financial statements and related documents from various sources, access to data for other institutions and systems, provision of data using an application programming interface (API), data searches over a web interface and data analysis and generation of reports using a business intelligence tool.



Central point

for financial


Major improvements
in the business

The Register is a practical example of how to implement one of the main rules of e-Government: the “once-only” principle. The result is greater ease with which business is conducted and increased transparency in the business environment thanks to easy access to information.


Reduced administrative burden for businesses and related cost savings

Businesses do not have to submit financial statements and related documents to various public authorities. And at the same time, the
data is made available to all institutions and the public as well.


It cuts the bureaucratic burden for businesses and state administration and makes doing business simpler.


Increased transparency of the business environment

The Register is compliant with the Open Data strategy of the European Union and the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the re-use of public sector information.


Hassle-free access to the financial data of companies is possible through the web interface or via the application programming interface (API).


Public availability of data has greatly improved the transparency of the business environment and simplified the process of doing business in Slovakia significantly.




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